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Respect the Past, Embrace the Future

Welcome to Chun Moo Hapkido USA. Our Hapkido association was founded in the Korean province of Gyoungee Do, Peyoung Teak in the early 1970's by Grandmaster Choi Song Gul and Ahn Tae Ho, direct students of Choi Yong Sul and Ji Han Jae. The United States Chun Moo Hapkido Association was founded by Grandmaster Rick Jessee in 1985.

The purpose of our Hapkido Association is to provide professional organizational support, rank recognition and advancement to Hapkido practioners world wide without the usual politics and without the usual high costs found in some organizations.  

We are dedicated to the promotion of the art of Korean Hapkido in all it's forms. Chun Moo Hapkido USA / United States Chun Moo Hapkido Association accepts martial arts practitioners world wide. We recognize all Hapkido styles, traditional, combat, eclectic and modern, as well as instructors of other martial arts who would like to add Hapkido to their curriculum.

Whether you own a school, or just train on your own, Chun Moo Hapkido USA and the Untited States Chun Moo Hapkido Association welcomes you.

Best Regards,
Jason Landaas
Grandmaster Jason Landaas
President Chun Moo Hapkido USA
chun moo hapkido